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BOERCUT HMO Series of Honing Oil

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Features of BOERCUT HMO series of honing oil:
    BOER HMO series products is mixed by refined mineral oil as the base, adding extreme pressure and anti-wear agent, oiliness agent, antioxidant, anti smoke agent, mainly used for honing and grinding process, and can be used as equipment oil. It has excellent resistance to smoke properties, with low volatile, without stimulating smell, harmless to the human body. Its good lubricity can prolong the cutting tool life and good corrosion resistance.
    Hmos-5, hmos-8 is suitable for the requirements of low viscosity honing oil with good fluidity, easy to wash away the scrap metal; suitable for a kind of multi-axis honing machine of shared essence plover or coarse plover. HMO - 5 is especially suitable for the German GEHRING honing machine, NAGEL honing machine, KADIA honing machine, OVERBECK mesoporous seat grinder. Hmos-8 is particularly suitable for Japan NISSIN honing machine, and other domestic horizontal and vertical honing machine.
    Hmos-18, Hmos-30 is suitable for honing of difficult processing materials, and process of large amount and high speed cutting, which can load weight and equiped with a higher cutting efficiency. It can be used in the United States SUNNEN MBC-1804, 1805, SSH-1680 type and MBB-1800 series and other similar honing machine.



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