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Deep hole drilling technology

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BOERCUT Deep Hole Drilling Oil

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Features of BOER CUT deep hole drilling oil
      BOERCUT 8015 is a broaching oil of low oil mist of extreme pressure metal, containing high extreme pressure additives, with excellent lubrication performance. Due to its adoption of a special base oil and selection of additives mixture, it can meet the requirements of a wide range of processing. Because of its sulfur containing active ingredient, it’s not suitable for deep hole drilling processing of copper and copper alloys.
     BOERCUT 9015 is a broaching oil of chlorine-free, high efficient and low oil mist. It can be used for large and high difficult cutting, especially used in hole drilling and other difficult processing technology, such as deep hole drilling, reaming and tapping. Its appropriate processing activity and moderate viscosity are especially suitable for stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel and high alloy steel deep hole processing.
     Due to BOERCUT 8015 and 9015’s excellent lubrication performance, it can reduce the vibration of drilling and improve machining precision; High oil flash point, safe and toxic-free; moderate viscosity, good cleaning chip removal; prolonging the drill bit life.



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