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BOER D series of cleaning agent

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Features of BOER D series cleaning agents

BOER D series cleaning agent: good cleaning performance, environmental protection, non-toxic damage, adapt to different materials, shape, methods and types of cleaning stains, and easy to use. Specifics as follows:
          BOER D - 4 water-based cleaning agent: high efficient removal of various mechanical lubricating oil on the surface of the material, metal processing oil, rust-proof oil, edible oil and others; not having toxic agent and corrosive to the cleaning metal itself.
         BOER D - 6 water-based metal cleaning agent: specifically designed for metal parts of cleaning detergent; good emulsification, dispersion and decontamination performance; used for cleaning in all kinds of lubrication oil, processing oil, rust-proof oil that adhered on the surface of the metal parts; suitable for the cleaning methods of ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning, washing cleaning and manual cleaning.
        BOER DM special water-based cleaning agent: good cleaning performance, good rust protection, low foam, not containing nitrites and organic phenols, harmless.
        BOER DXP high pressure and low foam water-based detergent: specially designed for metal parts cleaning detergent; used in pressure spray cleaning; good cleaning performance, good rust protection, low foam, especially suitable for high pressure cleaning process; not containing nitrites and organic phenols, harmless.
        BOER D-8 organic solvent cleaning agent: an oil cleaning agent used for various processed metal, machinery, equipment, auto parts; not containing toxic agent; low irritating of senior oil, low smelling, good volatility, no residual oil on the metal surface, bright looking after washing, no streaks and shadows left.


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