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BOER Fast Dry, Soft Film and Rust-proof Oil

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Features of BOER fast dry, soft film and rust-proof oil:
     BOER R211 is sealing rust-proof oil of ultra-thin soft film (half dry), of which many kinds of highly refined rust-proof agent and film former dissolved in special solvent, made by special production process. Features as follows:
    1. excellent sealing rust-proof; long period of rust-proof; adapt to many kinds of conditions.
    2. a layer of soft film will be formed on the surface of the workpiece after oiling; strong oil film adhesion, presenting the natural color         of the workpiece.
    3. oil film is easy to remove when the workpeice needs cleaning.
    4. easy to use, it can be immersed, sprayed, rolled and brushed at room temperture.
    5. good water replacement performance, can be directly sealed and rust-proof after dewatering.
    6. high flash point, good safety.


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