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Industrial cleaning technology

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Industrial cleaning technology

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Industrial cleaning agent explanation:

      Industrial cleaning the true sense of the history of only several decades, along with the rapid development of cleaner technology, industrial cleaning has penetrated into almost all industrial fields, such as: machinery industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, petroleum chemical industry, mining industry, chemical industry,surface treatment industry, instrument industry, electronic industry, the semiconductor industry, watch jewelry industry, biological industry, optical industry,etc.. It brings huge economic benefit and social benefit for industrial production.

     According to the principle of cleaning, industrial cleaning technology can be classified into three categories: chemical cleaning, physical cleaning and microbialcleaning. The chemical cleaning technology is the oldest, the most widely used, the most species. According to the water content of chemical cleaning agent, also can be roughly divided into the organic solvent cleaning agent, water-based cleaningagent and semi aqueous cleaning agent three types:

     Organic solvent cleaning agent mainly refers to organic solvent water does not contain ingredients, with hydrocarbon (oil), chlorinated hydrocarbons,fluorocarbons, bromo hydrocarbons, alcohols, such as cleaning agent.

     Semi aqueous cleaning agent is mainly to add water to the organic solvent and surfactant.

     Water-based cleaning agent in the early mainly some strong alkaline inorganicalkali or salt, at present already not much application, use at present most also is developing fastest in the surfactant.

Industrial cleaning agent cleaning difficulties:

     1, cleaning ability, skim not clean.

     2, oil cleaning agent generally low flash point, is not conducive to the storage anduse.

     3, for different cleaning requirements, thus cleaning agent and more and more species, to choose a suitable cleaning agent.

     4, may tend to environmental protection, pollution to the environment, there may beharm to human body. (such as the ODS cleaning agent has eliminated: carbon tetrachloride, three ethyl chloride, three chloro three fluoro ethane).

     5, water-based cleaning technology is the development trend of cleaning pressure is greater, the cleaning time is shorter, require degreasing effect better, low foam.



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